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Germany 2023-05-23

Debt collection in Germany

Statistics provided by the International Collectors Association show in most cases that referring unpaid debt to German collection agencies just in time will give the best results when it comes to collecting outstanding amounts. In order to help maximize the return on unpaid debts, the German lawyers goes at debt collection from a variety of actions within the first 14 days after closing the bank account.
Once the creditor's company contacts the collection agency, a qualified lawyer is given the case along with all of the detailed information. They try to answer any questions and control the operations of the collection case and how it is being handled. When it comes to outstanding debts, a bank account is opened specifically for the creditor and any open balance that is paid by the debtor is submitted to a credit bureau.
The first contact made between the collector and the customer in Germany is done by a written letterore a phone call. The lawyers office uses international means of tracking down the delinquent customer and a skip tracing service helps to uncover any additional information that has been elusive. This collecting method is particularly important when a client has moved to Germany and has not provided any current address.
By using all means of tracking and tracing, the SCHUFA can get a client’s real and current information and this can help to secure the money owed and help in case any legal action needs to be taken.
Law firms in Germany:
The collection program is fully integrated with telephone calls which serve as a supplement to the staff; giving them the necessary information to get in personal contact with elusive customers. This allows the debtors to make instant payments no matter what time it is. The lawyers also offer legal representation in Germany if needed and they have an experienced network of attorneys all over Germany.
Through the entire process, reports are sent to the customers in order to confirm information on all individual accounts. This helps to keep track of payment informations concerning each account and an instant payment verification.
Once collection has been started, all the collected money is deposited into a trust account and afterwards is transferred to the client.
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